FixScalper indicator 15 Minutes #16

FixScalper Forex System indicator Rules

Trading Rules

This system works for me on a 15 minutes. When FixScalper gives an alert confirm with MACD colour (red or blue) and other indicators at a glance


FixScalper indicator is free from Den Murakami and his EliteIT4U Team ( as he has added push alert just for my asking) and works only on 15 min or less time frame. If you trade say 1 or 5mins time frame, it will always show you the 15 m trend so u can trade trend, One of the best indicators on 1 to 15 min I have ever come across. Just be sure to follow the trend as counter trend don’t last long.

USD/JPY 15 Minutes Chart Result

AUD/USD 15 Minutes Chart Result

GBP/USD 15 Minutes Chart Result

FixScalper Forex System indicator